5 Easy Steps How to Check Between Fake Crocs Shoes and Original Crocs

You can find many fake Crocs shoes on the market promising the exact same quality as the original Crocs. They are very affordable and attractive for people who don’t have enough to buy Crocs originals.

These Crocs at a fraction of the price are slightly different from the original Crocs.

How can you tell the difference between genuine and fake Crocs shoes? This illustrated guide will help you avoid being scammed by imitations.

Crocs shoes are based on Dutch clogs. The classic Crocs wooden shoe is transformed by the light Crosslite plastic in brightly colored colors.

The Crocs have enjoyed a remarkable success story with its colorful sandals and wedges as well as clogs and sneakers. Crosslite foam resin is the main feature of this casual shoe and is now in high demand with over 300 million copies sold in more than 90 countries.

More information about forgeries as well as genuine branches and dealers is listed on Crocs’ official website. This will help you recognize fake Crocs and prevent you from buying imitations product.

How to tell if crocs are fake Crocs Shoes?

Below here we share FIVE easy steps to follow to ensure you brought the original Crocs shoes not fake or one to one copies.

Step 1. Crocs Label/Tag

crocs shoes label vs real crocs

An identification tag should be attached to each pair of Crocs. It is the best way for you to differentiate genuine Crocs shoes and fakes. A label must include information about the importer and a warning about their use.

    1. Country of Manufacture
    2. Barcode
    3. Product Code
    4. Size
    5. Color
    6. Model
    7. Fit

For the validation on the genuine of Crocs shoes please visit https://www.crocs.com/company/intellectual-property.html

How to distinguish between genuine and fake Crocs shoes

The patent should be the result, with a number. For example ” US Patent Nos. 6,993,858; D610,784 Japan Patent No.4961516″ or related.If you get no results, it means that the search result is invalid. If “Is displayed”, it is very likely that it is fake or a bogus search result.

Where are Crocs made?

If the crocs are made in China or made in Vietnam you should not be worried because these two countries are one of the six-country that manufacture the original crocs. Do not be surprised most of the time it produces better quality if compare with made in Mexican.

Other than these countries, crocs are also manufactured in Italy, Bosnia, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Quality of the Product

Step 2. Smell and Material of the Crocs shoes

Crosslite is used to make original shoes. This is a patent-pending foam-resin combination, also known as PCCR (Proprietary closed-cell resin). It has no pores, feels smooth and even, and doesn’t have any ridges. It is light and odorless.

Fake Crocs Shoes materials

It is fake if you smell chemicals or adhesives or if the material feels rubbery or plastic-like.

If you want to determine whether your Crocs LiteRide clogs are genuine or fake, this is something that you should also look out for.

Crocs are lightweight, comfortable, and durable shoe made from Croslite foam material. Croslite is neither plastic nor rubber.

Also, Crocs are often referred to as plastic or rubber shoes. It is false. Crocs can’t be made from rubber or plastic.

The shoes are made from Croslite. Croslite, a closed-cell resin, is both inflammable & water-resistant. This material was used to create the Crocs LiteRide clog.

Crocs LiteRide Characteristics

This amazing material is what gives the Crocs LiteRide clog its amazing characteristics:

  • Crocs shoes are comfortable. Crocs made from Croslite foam materials are soft and comfortable. The Crocs LiteRide clog gives your feet the feeling of walking on a feathered cushion. This feature is a highlight of any Crocs clog. This is why Crocs attracted me to them years ago. You cannot compare the comfort that original Crocs would provide to you with fake Crocs.
  • It’s durable. Crocs are durable shoes that you can wear for a long period of time. Croslite is more durable than fake Crocs made of rubber or plastic.
  • Crocs are lightweight. Crocslite material makes Crocs light and allows for easy walking. Crocs are a great choice for everyday wear. Crocs make lightweight clogs, and the Crocs LiteRide clog is one such clog.
  • It has a low odor. Croslite does not smell. This means that an original LiteRide Crocs clog does not have any repelling smell.

These are the main characteristics of an original Crocs LiteRide clog.

A Crocs LiteRide clog made from rubber or plastic is fake. They are not made from croslite material. These features are easy to spot:

  • A Crocs LiteRide fake clog is heavier than an original.
  • It may smell like gum or adhesives. A Crocs LiteRide clog with a fake smell is a Crocs LiteRide clog.
  • Fake Crocs LiteRide clog may not be as comfortable as the real thing. Croslite makes crocs like foam. But, rubber-made or plastic crocs can be hard and stiff making them uncomfortable to wear.

These differences will help you distinguish the genuine from the fake.

Step 3. Crocs company letters

Identify whether the lettering on the shoe is either small or large letters. Mixed spellings such as “Crocs”, indicate a forgery.

where are crocs made


Verification of Logo or Trademarks

Step 4. Verify the Crocs Shoes Crocodile Logo “Duke”

After one of its founders, the crocodile’s logo is also known as “Duke”. The original logo may be printed in various places on Crocs shoes or glued to a Crocs application.

The original logo of the crocodile is easily identifiable and has six humps.

The fourth hump must be slightly larger than the other humps. A crocodile should have at least two arms and each one with three fingers. A crocodile is considered a fake if it does not have one of these features.

Fake Crocs Shoes logo shoes vs original

When it comes to logo design, you must first examine how it looks. You should pay attention to the following things when looking at the logo:

  • The logo should be CLEAR.
  • Six humps are the Crocs.
  • The fourth hump should be bigger than any other hump. The fourth hump must be slightly larger than the other humps.
  • Attention to the Croc within the circle. It should have two arms, each with 3 fingers.
  • The eyes of the crocodile, or duke, must be at least 2 and very clear.

If these features are not visible, it’s likely a duplicate Crocs LiteRide log.

Look at the logo design to determine if the Crocs that you have are genuine or counterfeit.

By doing this actually you can easily spot a fake Crocs LiteRide clog simply by looking at the logo.

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Pricing of Original Crocs Clog

Crocs original price can be more expensive if compare with fake Crocs.

Why are crocs so expensive?

The reason because of Crocs shoes is made from high-quality materials, which is why they cost more than fakes.

These are the things you need to be on guard for. If the price seems ridiculously low, it’s likely that it is fake.

Original Crocs LiteRide clogs cost between $60 and $80. You should not buy a Crocs LiteRide clog that costs less than this.

It is possible to get a cheaper price because it is made of inferior material, which means it has less quality than the original Crocs LiteRide clog.

Why are crocs so expensive

Below are some other differences:

  • Fake Crocs LiteRide often comes in smaller sizes than what they state in the product description. This is something you should be aware of.
  • Fake Crocs LiteRide clogs are less durable than the original Crocs LiteRide clog.

Before purchasing a Cros LiteRide Cros LiteRide log, do extensive research.

It is safer and more convenient to purchase your Crocs® LiteRide clog from the Crocs website.

Reporting of Fake Crocs Product

Actually, if you found any fake crocs shoes in the market you can report directly to crocs by contacting customer service via contact us pages.

Make sure you provide the details such as the shoop location, photo of the product at least as proof.