Download Latest MetaMask 2023, Complete New Guide How To Register!

Download latest MetaMask 2023 – MetaMask Extension is a digital wallet that can be used to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. However, the cryptocurrency that can be used in this digital wallet is limited to Ethereum-based tokens (ETH).

For initial coin offering (ICO) buying MetaMask is installed in the browser. With this digital wallet, users can control the blockchain in the browser without the need to run an Ethereum node.

Metamask installation is very easy because of the extension available for the browser. After installing this add-on, you can immediately register and create a new account.

Well, if you want to transact using Metamask, you should first check out Metamask’s method with the Metamask extension in the download link below!

What is MetaMask?

Cryptocurrency is now one of the ways that are supported by many. With crypto investing, you have the opportunity to take advantage of huge amounts of profits.

MetaMask Wallet registration

To be able to transact, you need a crypto wallet that serves to store all your money. One of the most popular crypto wallets today is MetaMask.

This Metamask is linked to the Ethereum blockchain which has a number of decentralized applications (dapps).

In addition to storing the native Ethereum currency, namely ETH, MetaMask is also useful for storing tokens built on the standard OC-20 and ERC-721 protocols.

Interestingly, this crypto wallet exists as a compatible extension for some popular browser applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

How to Download MetaMask Extension

MetaMask APK is available as an extension for Chrome browser, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. Apart from PC, this digital wallet is also available for Android and iOS devices.

If you can’t wait to try out all the features in Metamask, you can download it directly via the web Metamask or click the link below!

>>> Download Metamask here <<<

How to Register MetaMask

Already have MetaMask installed on a PC or cellphone, but still don’t know how to register and use it? Calm! You can follow the method of the MetaMask list described below!

MetaMask chrome extension

1. Download and install MetaMask in the browser.
2. Enter the Metamask main page.
3. Click Start.
4. To create a new account, select Create a Wallet .

metamask account creation - 1

and click I Agree

5. Enter the password that will be used in the top column

6. Repeat the password in the column below.
7. Check the Duration of Usage column and click on the Create button.
8. You will be directed to the Secret Recovery Phrasebook page
9. This page contains a phrase seed that you will need to try and keep a secret.

10. Copy the phrase seed and save it in a safe place
11. Click Next if it is finished.
12. Repeat the phrase seed to confirm.
13. If this is true, then your MetaMask account has been successfully done.
14. Click All Done and the registration is completed! It’s easy, isn’t it?

Keep in mind, the 12 phrases that are phrase seeds are very important to store and keep secret as they will work in different browsers to access your crypto wallet.

Then, what if 12 phrases were lost? Unfortunately, if this happens you will not be able to access or restore your Wallet again. So, don’t get lost or forgotten, huh!

How to Connect Metamask to OpenSea

Now, you already have a MetaMask account as a digital wallet to transact in Blockchain.

How to connect metamask to opensea

Then, it’s time to connect MetaMask to OpenSea so that you can buy or sell NFT assets on the platform. Follow the steps given below.

    1. Login and visit the Opensea site or through the url .
    2. Click on “My Profile” in the top right.
    3. You will get a “Sign in to Your Wallet” MetaMask (as shown above).
    4. Then, the pop-up “connect to metamask” will appear >> click on “Connect” to connect.
    5. After connecting, you can transact immediately.

For more information, if you don’t know how to create NFT, you can read the tutorial from here. After that, we believe you can definitely create your own NFT assets easily.


Well, from our explanation of download MetaMask latest extension with the complete registration guidelines above, you can start practicing it now. Crypto transactions such as buying and selling, and swap tokens are easy and practical using MetaMask. Come on hurry up don’t delay! Before that Do Your Own Research (DYOR).