F1 Delta Time : How To Play & How To Get Free REVV Tokens!

F1 Delta Time Staking

F1 Delta Time brings exciting and challenging racing gameplay. What’s more, the game uses cryptocurrency and you can use it to mine coins. Fun, isn’t it?

The Formula One Delta Time racing game is built with blockchain technology and has a crypto asset in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT will be the source of in-game crypto coins.

By playing this game, you have the opportunity to get cryptocurrency in the form of REVV and SHARD tokens. There are also various NFT assets in the form of in-game items that can be bought, sold, or exchanged.

If you are curious and want to feel the excitement of racing while mining crypto, you should first consider how to play F1 Delta Time, which I will discuss thoroughly in this article.

The F1 Racing Delta Time Games Background

Currently, there are various racing game titles that you can play to beat boredom. But if you want to play while investing, you can try playing the F1 Delta Time game.

How to play F1 Delta Time Staking

F1 Delta Time is a racing game developed with blockchain technology and resides on the Ethereum network. The game comes with two concepts, namely a challenging race and a collection of NFT items.

This Formula 1 designed game will invite you to jump into the race track and compete with other players in real-time. You also need to have the best car to beat your opponent!

Interestingly, this car racing game also presents NFT items such as racing cars and player characters that can be collected and obtained in the market.

Not only cars and drivers but there are also other NFT items in the form of car components that can be purchased separately or in bundled versions for more detailed customization. It’s so complete!

How to Register

To be able to play the F1 Delta Time APK game, you must first register and create a new account. To be more clear, just follow the steps below!

  1. Visit the official F1 Delta Time website at the URL https://www.f1deltatime.com/.
  2. Click on the Sign-Up button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You can select Create a new account or create an account using a crypto wallet such as FortMask or Metamask.
  4.  Your account has been created.

How to play Formula One Delta Racing Time and get tokens

Because this is a play-to-earn game, you can earn money by continuing to play the F1 Delta Time game. You will not only participate in races but also exchange NFT items.

How to register F1 Delta Time Staking

In this game, everything from cars, characters to vehicle components are registered as NFTs which can be traded. You can buy NFTs in the in-game marketplace or through OpenC.

You can customize cars, drivers, and components to increase your chances of winning the race. Of course, if you win you will get tokens like F1 Delta Time Reward or NFT.

When you manage to customize your car to be very fast, you can sell it at a higher price in the market to get manifold more profit. Very nice, isn’t it?

Not only this, there are many such exciting incidents which are a shame to miss. Take for example the Staking v3.0 event with a total of 1.5 million REVV tokens that 2019 and 2020 car owners can participate in.

F1 Racing Delta Time presents a high-end racing concept that is more challenging than other sports. What’s more, the game has a variety of interesting features, as described below!

1. Play-to-earn

As the latest NFT game, Formula One Delta Time gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement of car racing while collecting tokens and NFT assets that can be sold at high prices.

2. Interesting Events

Apart from playing, you can also get REVV and SHRD tokens by participating in various events. For example, currently you can participate in Staking v3.0 and Grand Prix events to get various prizes.

3. Two Different Tokens

To transact in this multiplayer online game, you can use the same token as in the REVV motorsport game, namely the REVV token. The price of 1 REVV based on CoinMarketCap is equivalent to IDR2,376.

F1 also introduces a new token called Delta Time SHARD which is earned based on the length of track you cross in the race. However, there is no information about the current price of SHRD.


This is a complete explanation of how to play F1 Delta Time and how to get tokens in this game. Now you can experience virtual racing while investing directly in the game!