20+ Best Money Maker NFT Games 2023, You Can Mine Crypto Free!

NFT Games 2023 are increasingly sought by many people, especially investors who are involved in the world of cryptocurrency and want promising assets.

Blockchain-based games with a non-fungible token (NFT) system give you the opportunity to own assets in games that can be traded with cryptocurrencies. There are even games that can give you cash from NFT sales.

The price of NFTs in the game varies greatly. NFT assets also have the potential to drive up their prices with the growth of this digital asset. When the price jumps, you can sell it to reap the profit!

For those of you who want to try high-value in-game assets, the following is a list of NFT games to recommend to make the best money version of our team! Let’s check it out!

1. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity NFT Games

Axie Infinity is one of the pioneers of the NFT game, which is now more available on the Internet. This game invites you to maintain a virtual pet named Axie.

Based on the Ethereum network, Axie is an NFT asset that you can buy, sell, exchange, or auction with a specific token in the market. The price of 1 AXS is equal to $52.08 -.

Axie Infinity lifts the style of strategy so that your task is taking care of the Axis and carrying it into the Arena with a unique strategy to defeat the Axie collection in the enemy team. Curious? Check it out here!

Visit AXIE Infinity Official Website.

2. Thetan Arena

Thetan Tournament NFT Games

Thetan Arena is the first blockchain-based game with a gameplay format that differentiates it from card-based games commonly found in the current NFT world.

The game also offers various promising opportunities to encourage players’ participation, ranging from free skins, loot boxes, champions, and so on that can be sold.

In addition, you can transact in the Thetan Arena game using Thetan Arena (THG) at $0.808.

Visit Thetan Arena Official Website.

3. Cryptokitties

CryptoKitties NFT Games

Taking the concept of play-to-earn, CryptoKitties invites you to maintain a virtual cat equipped with unique features and can be sold as NFTs at a different price.

In this free NFT game, you can find thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market sold with Ethereum coins (ETH). In contrast, the price of 1 ETH is $2,925.43.

In addition, you can also get Cryptokitty by marrying male cats named Dame, aka female cats, and Siri nicknamed to make new kittens. Learn more here!

Visit CryptoKitties Official website.

4. Avarik Saga

Avarik Saga NFT Games

Avarik Saga is one of the most awaited NFT games in the Southeast Asian region because this game was developed and created by the original Indonesian developers.

It is a strategy and genre of JRPG (a Japanese role-playing video game). You will be invited to explore new virtual worlds and develop your ability to survive while seeking as many profits as possible.

This money-producing application uses two unique tokens called the $Vortem token and the $AVRK token. However, because the game has not been officially released, the two tokens are not recorded on the CoinMarket website.

However, see the potential and hype of native Indonesian NFT games, no harm waiting for this game to be released!

Visit Avarik Saga NFT Offical Website.

5. Farming Tales

Farming Tales NFT Games

Farming Tales is a play-to-earning game in a blockchain network. The game combines the concept of livestock simulation so that players can develop agricultural fields, and virtual farms are promised.

How to play and get tokens in Farming Tales is not much different from other animal husbandry simulation games. Like the Harvest Moon game, you have to take care of common areas in large farms.

Having successfully developed, you can participate in various competitions or auctions in the market to get many profits.

When this article was written, Farming Stories still had not officially used a token and payment system. This game has likely released in the second quarter of 2022. You can visit the official website of this game for more details.

Visit Farming Tales Official Website.

6. WidiLand

WidiLand NFT Games

WidiLand is an Android NFT game project that conceptualizes multiplayer. The game was released in 2021, taking the backdrop of a group of elites who found a new home for humanity.

The task of building new civilizations in this game is a concept similar to the Metaverse. There are many challenges and unexpected events in this virtual world.

This WidiLand money-producing NFT game uses a token called WIDI. The price of 1 WIDI is equal to $0.025. Players have rewards, namely one cropland and three default characters (non-NFT).

Many exciting activities can be done with other players during the game, like farming, making crafts, and trading items (NFTs).

Visit WidiLand Official Website.

7. League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms NFT Games

League of Kingdoms is an NFT game concept of massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game. In fact, it turns out to be one of the first MMO blockchain strategy games in the world.

All land items are non-compressible (NFT) tokens in this strategy game. Therefore, you have to develop a kingdom ranging from buildings, facilities, fortresses, soldiers.

You can produce crypto coins in this Ethereum network game against monsters, complete missions, even convert the resources you need to expand soil or land.

Meanwhile, the game uses the League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) token. The cost of 1 Loka is equal to $2.11.

Visit League of Kingdoms Official Website.

8. Illuvium NFT Games

Illuvium NFT Games

If you are looking for NFT Games without any capital, you can play the Illuvium game, which is planned to be released only in the next 2022 quarter.

Illuvium is an open-world RPG game that runs on the blockchain Ethereum. The game has a monster collection given as one of the NFT types called Illuvial.

NFT transactions in this game use Illuvium (ILV) tokens. The price of 1 Illuvium is currently $565.19 – based on data from the Coinmarketcap site.

Visit Illuvium Official Website.

9. Beasties Online

Beasties Online NFT Games

Beasties Online or “Magic Beasties” (BSTS Coin) is a multiplayer blockchain game that is one of the strongest Ethereum competitors in the 2021 Axie Infinity game.

In BSTS Coin, there are unique games collecting characters from various digital monsters. You and your friends can play them together to adventure, trade and earn money.

This Beasties Online NFT Game will feature PvP battle mode. You will duel with other players in text-based battles.

The price of Magic Beasties Token (BSTS) is in the range of US$0.000001332.

Visit Beasties Online Official Website.

10. Zodiacs Racing

Zodiacs Racing is one of the best blockchain-based racing games out there today. Zodiac game is for those of you who like racing games. Players can collect NFT cars designed with a zodiac theme.

The currency used in this game is called ZDC, which stands for Zodiac. The value of the ZDC token ranges around $0.0187.

Before playing a car racing in Zodiacs Racing game, you must first plant to enter ZDC token deposit.

How to get money in the zodiac game is quite simple. You can risk (stacking) the car that you have bought for a period of time. The condition is definitely to have a ZDC coin in your wallet.

If you have collected ZDC tokens, you can also pull them into a digital wallet. As a result, the crypto money you collect can be real money!

Visit Zodiacs Racing Official Website.

11. SolaJump or SolaJumper by Solana

SolaJump NFT Games

SolaJump or Solajumper is an NFT game that offers a new concept: the classic miniature game. Previously, the concept was as familiar as a Pac-Man game.

As the name implies, even though the game is short, Solajump remains memorable to its users. Also, you can produce NFTs from a SolaJumper.

How to play it is easy. You only need to tap the screen while directing the characters to the blue box.

Currently, the developers are offering 2,000 token SOL that can be won through the Genesis Contest program. SOL price in the range of 98.87 USD.

Visit SolaJump Official Website.

12. JobTribes NFT Crypto Games

JobTribes NFT Games

The next NFT crypto game is JobTribes which is no less popular than the previous game. This game uses a card game concept that can be traded.

Each card is digital art registered in the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NFTs. The card is detected with a Demcoin (DEP) token with a 1-DEP value of $0.02727.

In the game JobTribes, you can also find a variety of game modes such as Practice, Player vs Player (PvP), Story and Quest. Want to know more about JobTribes? See the explanation here!

Visit JobTribes Official Website.

13. Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead NFT Games

You must know the Plant vs Zombie game, right? Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a spin-off game Plant vs Zombie; it’s just that in this PVU, you can tempt crypto assets.

In this free-to-play game, you must defend your land from innocent attacks by relying on plants that are NFT assets. Each plant also has a miscellaneous value.

Plant vs Undead has a token called PVU, which has 1 PVU exchange rate equal to $0.07184. PVUs are used to make transactions in games, such as buying plants, seeds, land, and more.

Visit Plant vs Undead Official Website.

14. The Sandbox

The Sandbox NFT Games

The Sandbox is one of the latest NFT games currently going viral because of the token, namely sand, its price, which continues to rise significantly.

Launched by PixoL and operating on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), The Sandbox SAND token is worth $3.17 currently. This figure is predicted to increase as well!

It is a virtual world of decentralized game metaverse that allows you to create, create, buy and sell crypto in the form of game assets listed as NFTs.

Visit The Sandbox Official Website.

List of other best NFT Crypto Games.

15. Splinterlands

Splinterlands NFT Games

Splinterlands is a card game formerly known as Stem Monsters. This game allows you to get cryptocurrency coins on the blockchain hive.

Unlike Android card games in general, Splinterlands is known as a trading card game (TCG) with over 280 different cards listed as NFT assets.

In this game, you can buy or sell rare cards using Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) tokens with 1 Decree, equal to 0.002875 USD -.

Visit Splinterlands Official Website.

16. Sorare

Sorare NFT Games

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game that lets you create a player buying and selling transactions listed as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this free NFT crypto game without any capital, each player you have has the opportunity to set up a football team of eleven professional players using NFT cards.

NFT transactions in SoraRare games are made using the token SOR for 1 Sor of 97 US dollars. Curious and eager to play the game? Just Click Here!

Visit Sorare Official Website.

17. Bombcrypto

Bombcrypto NFT Games

Unlike the above games, BombCrypto is a small capital NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a unique token called Bcoin.

With the concept of play to earn, you will play different characters who are NFT assets. Each character is also equipped with different attributes such as power, speed, stamina, and more.

The sale price also varies depending on the rarity of each character. Whereas the price of Bomb Crypto aka Bcoin is currently $0.3746.

Visit BombCrypto Official Website.

18. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds NFT Games

The Alien Worlds is described as a metaverse divided into seven different planets. The game uses crypto called Trillium (TLM) for $0.104.

In this game, you can collect NFT assets to be stored or redistributed. You can also get TLM tokens from me or go through various quests.

This mission in this online game requires you to execute the right strategy with the help of various equipment, weapons, and avatars, which can all be traded as NFT assets.

Visit Alien Worlds Official Website.

19. Art of War

Art of War APK NFT Games

Finally, the Art of War APK may not be as famous as other games in this article. Nevertheless, the game can also be used as a promising investment property!

Based on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with $Aow tokens, Art of War is a Royal War game that will assign you various missions with NFT gifts or tokens.

In this play-to-earn game, you can NFT and evolve as heroes with different abilities. After your hero gets stronger, you can sell it for higher prices.

Visit Art of War Official Website.

20. Rise City

Rise City NFT Games

Rise City will invite you to build a modern city, from building construction to other infrastructure needed by the people of your City. Similar to SimCity!

Because Rise City NFT gameplay includes the concept of city building, available NFT items include land, buildings, and the equipment needed to build the City. Unique, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Rise City uses a token called RiseCity (RSC). Unfortunately, there is no official information on the price of the RSC token as the official website of Rise City has not yet reported it.

Visit Rise City Official Website.

21. Clash of Streamers

Clash of Streamers NFT Games

Clash of Streamers has gameplay similar to RPG games in general. It’s just that here you can reap a lot of crypto money, especially if you have virtual animals called pets.

You have to develop the pets to the maximum level so that they can be exported and sold in the NFT market. To make your virtual animal solid and tough, you have to take care of it by giving it enough resources to grow.

Clash of Streamers uses a token called GUBI, but there is still no official information about the price of this Clash of Streamers token as it is not listed yet, gang!

Visit Clash of Streamers Official Website.

22. Decentraland

Decentraland NFT Games

Decentraland is a virtual world game that allows you to do various activities just like in the real world. In fact, in this decentralized game, you can earn real money.

To receive benefits, you must own land or land that can be rented for games, applications, gambling services, 3D creative visuals, informational sites, etc.

Decentraland has a token named MANA, the first successful metaverse project in the crypto world. According to CoinMarketCap, on March 20, 2022, the price of Decentraland (MANA) was $2.45.

Visit Decentraland Official Website.

Question about NFT games

If you are still confused about NFT games and want to know more, here are some questions about this play-to-earn game that DeWitt will try to answer. Read more below!

1. What is NFT Gaming?

NFT Games is a blockchain-based game with a non-fungible token (NFT) system that gives you the opportunity to own in-game assets to trade with cryptocurrencies.

2. What are online NFT Crypto Games?

Most crypto games, including the NFT games discussed by DeWitt in this article, can only be played online via the Internet and can be accessed directly on the official website.

3. How to play NFT Games?

Each NFT game has a different game mechanism according to the genre presented. However, to be able to play NFT games, you must first have a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

WillDewitt’s List of Best NFT Crypto Games 2022

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Thetan Arena
  3. CryptoKitties
  4. Avarik Sag
  5. Farming Tales
  6. WidiLand
  7. League of Kingdoms
  8. Illuvium
  9. Beasties Online
  10. Zodiacs Raci
  11. SolaJump
  12. JobTribes
  13. Plant vs Undead
  14. The Sandbox
  15. Splinterlands
  16. Sorare
  17. Bombcrypto
  18. Alien World
  19. Art of War
  20. Rise Cit
  21. Clash of Streamers
  22. Decentraland


Well, this is the list of the best money making NFT Games for 2022 curated by our team. The NFT games above are arguably the most promising and can guarantee you money!

You can try a more exciting investing method with quite promising results with the game above.