A complete guide how to play Axie Infinity for beginners, and Get Profit from a Virtual Animals Collections!

How to play Axie Infinity for begineer

How to play Axie Infinity is very easy, especially for beginners. However, a mature strategy is needed so that you can get big profits. This guide is perfect for you who just played the NFT game.

Axie Infinity is becoming increasingly popular because the game concept is unique and adorable. Besides being able to earn money, you also have the opportunity to keep virtual animals like Pokemon or Tamagochi games.

However, you should also know the tips and tricks so as not to face a big loss. Because this Axie Infinity is an online gaming-style investment platform that is likely to have a higher value in the future.

Curious about how to play it? After that, we serve a complete guide to play Axie Infinity, especially for beginners. Read below step by step on how to start play as a beginner.

What is Axie Infinity?

AXIE Infinity is an Intercchain (ETH) crypto production game that combines the concept of crossing animals, Pokemon, and Tamagotchi.

What is Axie Infinity
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Later, players must purchase, collect and enable virtual animals called AXIE. These animals can produce cryptocurrencies. The more or more rare pivot you can, the more money you can get. tantalizing, right?

Axie Infinity was founded by Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen in 2018. Instead at Developer Sky Mavis, this game NFT was created and boosted the gaming industry that was on the rise.

For more detailed information about this game, you can read and download the game through our article on the link below.

How to play Axie Infinity

In addition to making your own investment assets NFT, you can also play NFT games, such as Axie Infinity. The gameplay is fairly easy. You must have the initial capital to purchase AXIE.

How to play Axie Infinity Begineer

So is there how to play Axie Infinity without capital? The answer is nothing. However, this issue can be addressed by following the Axie Infinity Scholarship which we will discuss in the next section.

Before knowing how to sign up and create an account in the game, make sure you already have a Crypto wallet to save your entire asset. For example, you can use MetaMask. You can read here Complete Guide How To Register!

Here’s how to register Axie Infinity:

  1. Open the Axie Infinity app/website.
  2. Click on Symbol Point Three > More > Start.
  3. Search for the phrase “Your profile dashboard in the market”, Click on the “Your Profile” option.
  4. Press the Register button, follow the instructions.
  5. Fill in the bio, complete with email, mobile phone number, and password.
  6. Enter the verification code sent in your mobile phone number.

Here’s how to create an Axie Infinity account:

  1. Log in AXIE Infinity account.
  2. Link Axie Crypto Wallet Account Account.
  3. Explore the “in-game market”.
  4. Buy a minimum of 3 axes to start the game.
  5. Create account loan rules.

How to buy Axies:

  • Enter the market.
  • Axie Infinity marketplace
  • Select the Axie you want to buy (Minimum 3).
  • Axies will be automatically stored in your inventory.

Axie Infinity SLP Price Today

In Axie Infinity, players are required to collect special digital money called a Smooth Love Potion (SLP). SLP can be obtained from enabling AXIE and from the battles you win.

SLP price today

Based on our observation on several official crypto websites, daily SLP prices (as of Mac 26, 2022) touched $0.02 with MarketCap $766,171,962.

It must be remembered that the price of SLP Axie Infinity will always change every day. Therefore, it is important to always update the players with the charts that are displayed on the various crypto information sites.

Axie Infinity Scholarships

As we said above, players must have the initial capital to run Axie Infinity. Your capital is used to buy Axie which is very important to make crypto money.

Then, how to play Axie Infinity without capital? The trick is by participating in the Axie Infinity Scholarship Program, every country has its own scholarship program.

The program itself is well known and used in countries that have a large and stable Axie Infinity base player, such as Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines.


It was an explanation of how to play Axie Infinity complete with tips and tricks for beginners to get a great deal of profit. Wait moreover, let’s play the game and collect more profit!