10 Cooking Tools You Must Have When You Cook in the Kitchen

Cooking Tools, cooking is an activity that we always do while at home, whether it’s to cook food or just boil noodles. From simple to complex, it definitely requires at least two cooking utensils.

Those of you who like to cook, of course, already know what cooking tools should be there when you want to cook in the kitchen. Then what about those of you who got married and live without parents or moved to their own boarding house?

Maybe you do not have an idea of ​​the basic kitchen utensils that require while cooking, here we share a list of cooking utensils that must be ready before you can start cooking activities in the kitchen.

1. If you want to cook in the kitchen, you must have a stove

The main cooking tools in the kitchen is the stove. If you don’t have a stove, you will have a hard time when you want to fry or boil. If you already have a stove, don’t forget to make sure the gas is always there so that the cooking process is not disturbed. Choosing a stove must also be careful so that it lasts a long time, choose a quality stove.

the stove is require for cooking

2. Cook in the kitchen using a frying pan and pot

The skillet will be useful when you want to cook and saute food ingredients. While the pot you can use to make soup or boil water. This cooking tools is important so that cooking activities in the kitchen are more fun, choose a non-stick pan and provide a medium-sized pan.

3. It’s hard to cook in the kitchen if you don’t have a spatula

Without a spatula, you will find it difficult to cook in the kitchen later. Can you imagine if you had to stir food using a tablespoon? It is precisely what you have in your hands that is hot and the food is not stirred. Choose a quality spatula because a poor quality spatula can cause cancer.

4. Before cooking in the kitchen, you need a knife and a cutting board

Before cooking in the kitchen you have to prepare food ingredients such as vegetables and onions. Thus, you will need a knife and a cutting board to cut them into equal sizes. You also have to be diligent in caring for the knife, so that the knife does not become dull or the knife becomes rusty.

5. When cooking in the kitchen, the basin is no less important

A good quality basin that doesn’t break easily will be useful when you prepare food ingredients for cooking in the kitchen. For example, when soaking vermicelli, washing cake molds, or washing vegetables. No need to bother anymore when preparing ingredients!

6. Who knows you need a pestle to smooth the spices in the kitchen

Asian cuisine is famous for using a lot of spices that must be mashed or pulverized. For this one business, you need a stone pulverizer. It is said that spices that are pulverized using a stone pestle taste better than spices that are mashed in a blender.

7. The little kitchen gloves are useful when cooking in the kitchen

The presence of kitchen gloves is often forgotten because its small size. Even though these kitchen gloves are very useful for protecting your hands from the heat when you want to move the pots or pans after cooking in the kitchen. Instead of getting your hands burned, it’s better to prepare these chips from now on!

8. Cook in the kitchen faster using a grater

Cutting food ingredients in small sizes will take a lot of time, especially for those of you who are not used to using a knife. Instead of getting injured hands and wasting time, buy a grater. With one grating motion, you can get large amounts of food cut into small pieces. The process of preparing cooking ingredients in the kitchen becomes easier.

9. Rice cooker to speed up the cooking process in the kitchen

Cooking rice the old-fashioned way takes a lot of time and wastes energy because you have to boil it, then transfer it to the steamer. With a good-quality rice cooker, you simply wash the rice and then turn on the cook button. The rice will cook by itself in a short time and you can continue to cook in the kitchen.

10. If you want to cook in the kitchen while reading a recipe, you need a scale

For beginner cooks, the ultimate guide when cooking in the kitchen is a recipe book. In recipes, they basically use measurements of cooking the ingredients. To be more precise, you need a scale to measure the ingredients.

Those are 9 cooking utensils that must be in your kitchen before you start to cook. All this cookware such as electric kettles, blenders, ovens, pressure cookers, and a variety of other cooking utensils, ranging from shapes, sizes, to well-known brands you can buy through an online e-commerce platform such as amazon.com or nearest hypermarket like IKEA.  We sure guaranteed, your cooking activity in the kitchen is more fun!