How to Install Printer Drivers Without CD

How to Install Printer Drivers Without the Default CD

For those of you who are still confused that how to install printer drivers without CD and which is the result of download from the internet.

Here are the steps to install printer drivers and supporting software, be it Epson, Hp, Canon, and others. You don’t need the default driver CD when you first buy a printer because it already has a way to start it up when you download supporting software and drivers.

Steps to Install Printer Driver

  1. If you don’t have a printer driver to install, you can go directly to the search field and type which printer you are looking for.
  2. After finding the printer type or model, locate and click the download link for the driver.
  3. Then after the download is complete you are ready to install the drivers and software.
  4. And first, make sure that the printer is on, then the USB data cable from the printer is connected to the PC or laptop which will be used for the installation process.
  5. After downloading the driver file, locate and right-click the file in your general folder settings to download and run as administrator.
  6. Click Next and we wait for a while as the file is still extracting to prepare the driver for the installation process.
  7. After performing the driver installation process, the next step is to follow the instructions that appear during the installation process.
  8. For the full-featured CD-less printer driver installation process, select the type of installation you want. The following information can help you decide which type of installation to use.
  • Provides complete product functionality as well as valuable software to help you get the most out of your product.
  • Allows you to take advantage of all the features of your product.
  • Designed to work for most users.

Custom Installation

  • Allows you to install the minimum required software or optional software.
  • Designed for use with computers that have limited hard disk space or if you receive an error message when attempting the recommended installation.

Footnote: Make sure you fix any errors before starting the custom installation.

WARNING: To avoid accidental loss of product functionality, read the description of each software component carefully during the installation process.